About the CNDA

Council Members

As defined in the Health Professions Act, the governing body of the College is the council. Council members are elected in to their position by the membership. Public members are appointed by the Lieutenant Governer in Council. Council's role is to manage and conduct the activities of the College.

President: Dr. Beverly Huang
Vice-President: Dr. Shane Johnson
Member-At-Large (Finances) Dr. Joe Klassen
Member-At-Large: Dr. AJ DeNault
Member-At-Large: Dr. Kin Leung
Member-At-Large: Dr. Michael Mason-Wood
Public Member: Katherine Camarta
Public Member: Elsy Gagne
Public Member: Ralph Westwood
Registrar & Complaints DIrector: Cherie Baruss B.A, LL.B.
Deputy Registrar & Hearings Director: Kristen Tanaka